What’s the Big Deal About Facial Muscle Relaxers?

facial muscle relaxers
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Facial muscle relaxers like XEOMIN®, BOTOX®, and Dysport® are some of the most-preferred aesthetic treatments available today. This article will discuss the differences between these three products and how they both reduce and prevent wrinkles.

XEOMIN is Your Best Choice if You Want Zero Additives

That’s right! XEOMIN contains nothing but the botulinum toxin A, so there are no preservatives, additives, or chemicals in the product. This injectable is considered a “naked” substance, according to the IAPAM. This means that it contains only the toxin; nothing more. Unlike Dysport and BOTOX, XEOMIN does not need refrigeration to stay fresh.

This injectable is especially appealing to individuals with chemical or preservative sensitivities or allergies. By avoiding the additives completely, many individuals find that they can better tolerate XEOMIN.

Tolerance Build-Up is a Concern

Some patients can become resistant to BOTOX or Dysport due to the way the botulinum toxin is processed in these two brands. However, with XEOMIN this is not generally an issue. XEOMIN is processed in such a way that the body does not usually form antibodies against it. This lack of antibody formation allows the product to work long-term for most patients.

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The price of XEOMIN is about the same as BOTOX, with Dysport costing about 20% less. Though XEOMIN does take a bit longer to “set in”, the long term benefits of zero additives and very low risk of tolerance build-up are quite attractive.

How Facial Muscle Relaxers Work

Facial muscles move when we express emotions such as laughing, crying, or frowning. The skin directly above these muscles can become wrinkled over time as the muscles’ repetitive motions engrain patterns in the skin.

Muscle relaxers paralyze the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles in key areas, helping to reduce their appearance. For individuals who continue to repeat treatment regularly, new wrinkles can be prevented. Because the facial muscles cannot move, new wrinkles are not able to form.

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