5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time for Botox

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Fall is coming quickly, and it’s one of my busiest times for BOTOX® Cosmetic appointments. Every year around this time, I have an influx of clients seeking its wrinkle-busting power.

I’ve asked some people why they choose this time of year for their treatment, and it’s usually one of the following five reasons.

#1: End of Summer

Many people say they schedule an appointment in the fall because life has calmed down after the busy-ness and fun of summer. After spending time in the Hamptons and then coming back to the city, they feel like they need a facial refresher.

This makes sense since most people need their injections done every three months or so. Having it done in the spring before the summer, and then again in the fall is perfect timing.

#2: Best Botox Specials are Amazing in the Fall

It’s true. Specials are often the best during the autumn months. That’s probably because there are so many people who want aesthetic treatment before the end-of-year holiday craziness starts.

Since my clients are so important to me, I want to give them the very best in price and services. After noticing all the people making appointments after summer ends, I’ve made it a priority to offer excellent fall specials.

#3: Holidays Are Coming

As much as we all don’t want to jump from the beach to the hectic holiday season, it’s true that the holidays are approaching. This means seeing people you haven’t seen all year long, and of course, the hundreds of photos that come with these gatherings.

Getting your injections in the fall means that by the holidays you’ll look your very best.

#4: It’s Just Time

The spring season is the other time that people seem to book their appointments. That’s probably because spring marks beautiful new beginnings, and this sparks people’s desires to improve their youthfulness. Many of my clients start their yearly injectables in January and have regularly scheduled treatments every few months so they don’t let the effects fade.

#5: The Year Is Ending

When September hits, many people start to reflect on the past year. They know that time will go by fast from now until the New Year. As they assess where they are in their professional and personal life, they may take a good look in the mirror and realize they want to make some slight changes to their appearance. This sparks them to contact me – James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C.

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