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Aquagold injectable treatments
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Unbeknownst to many, gold had been in use for skincare thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is said to have used a gold mask during her sleep to keep a glowing youthful complexion. There also has been recorded use of gold in both Ancient Roman skincare and Ancient Chinese medicine. These ancient civilizations had all observed the many benefits of gold long ago.

Today through modern science we utilize the great qualities of gold to provide quality skin treatments.

What is Aquagold?

Aquagold is a micro-infusion system that utilizes a sterile vial with twenty 24K gold microinjector screw threads and microchannels that can guarantee 1000 microinjection sites for a client customized cocktail of serum infusion.

How does Aquagold work?

The customized cocktail formulated based on a patient’s skin concerns and desired treatment results is introduced to the skin layers through 24 K gold plated micro injectors by a stamping motion. Pure gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is known for being highly bio-compatible which allows for a lower chance of skin irritation and allergic reaction. The screw thread microchannels allow for efficient product delivery for every “stamp”. The very subtle “trauma” caused by stamping the 20 microneedles renew and stimulate the cells in the upper layer of the skin.

Why is it better than the other needling techniques?

  • The Aquagold micro-channeling treatment delivers ingredients before micro-injuries begin to heal, unlike micro-needling.
  • Micro-channelling provides even treatment at a predictable depth of 600 microns.
  • Bypass the protective barrier of the skin for greater absorption
  • It is great for sensitive skin as it is very gentle with its needles being finer than a human hair
  • It allows the treatment of sensitive areas such as those areas closer to the eyes.
  • It allows treatment for those who may suffer from trypanophobia (fear of needles)
  • It enables plumping & tightening without the pain, downtime, reactions, breakouts or bleeding associated with other injection techniques.
  • It creates thousands of micro-injection sites.

AQUAGOLD® Treatments

AQUA-TOX Treatment

Boost the effects of your neurotoxin injectables by taking advantage of the AQUAGOLD® micro channeling delivery system. After being introduced to the skin Botox relaxes the top layer of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and causing the reduction of pore size making the skin look smoother.

AQUA-FILL Treatment

Using AQUAGOLD® micro channeling delivery system to administer dermal fillers to the skin like hyaluronic acid gives the client a more refined look to the skin; it also plumps and smoothens the skin. The use of a denser filler allows for improvement in skin texture associated with acne scars

AQUA-COMBO Treatment

A triple treat combo of the wrinkle-smoothing properties of neurotoxins, plumping property of dermal fillers and the collagen and gentle cell growth stimulation from the AQUAGOLD® micro channeling delivery system to achieve the desired smooth skin texture.

AQUA-PRP Treatment

Reinforce the many benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma like increased collagen production, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, firmer, tighter skin, improved moisture retention, and enhanced skin tone and texture through the AQUAGOLD® micro channeling delivery system which boosts collagen production and helps give the face a youthful glow in a gentler way compared to microneedling.


Optimize the many advantages of Aquagold with one session each of PRP, Botox and dermal filler. It is an ultimate skin feast that provides patients with all the key benefits of the three previous procedures above.

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