Lifestyle Choices and How They Contribute to the Signs of Aging

Signs of Aging
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As people age, certain changes occur throughout the body. These natural, age-related changes are affected greatly by the way we live; in other words, our lifestyle. One of the best ways to age more gracefully include avoiding lifestyle choices that can either speed up the aging process or cause skin damage.

The following are some important lifestyle changes you should know about so you can hold on to your youthful look as long as possible.

Dramatic Weight Gain and Loss

Our society places a lot of emphasis on weight. Because of this, many people feel compelled to diet, but they usually don’t make permanent changes to their eating habits. This causes them to participate in something called “yo-yo dieting.”

An example of this is when someone gains 30 pounds, loses 30 pounds, and then repeats the process again and again.

Repeated weight gains and losses cause volume loss in the face and body. It also leads to the loss of skin elasticity, which can cause skin to sag.

When this happens in the facial area, it can make a person look gaunt or hollow. It can also promote wrinkles in the areas around the eyes and mouth. Once volume loss and/or wrinkles have set in, this can someone look much older.

Extremely Low Body Fat

Since society equates being very thin with being beautiful, this can cause many people to lose as much fat as possible. Low body fat means less facial volume, causing the skin to look much older. This is especially true for those who combine extremely low body weight with poor lifestyle choices.

Overexposure to the Sun and Tanning

UV rays accelerates the breakdown of the skin’s collagen and elastin. These proteins in the skin allow it to “spring back” and to hold its shape without sagging. However, exposure to the sun or to tanning beds can make volume loss look even more apparent because of this breakdown process in the skin. This is why sunscreen is incredibly important, and why tanning is not a good idea.

How to Regain Youthful Looking Skin

Most people begin to show the signs of aging after the age of 35. It starts very slowly, and then picks up its pace as one becomes older. By age 55, most people will see a significant loss of facial fat. This results in flattened cheeks (volume loss), and skin that sags and droops. While genetics does play a role in these changes, environmental influences also have a major impact.

If you’re already seeing volume loss, sagging skin, or wrinkles and fine lines, there is something you can do about it. Regaining your youthful looking skin is as easy as making an appointment with James Christian Cosmetics.

Facial Fillers in Manhattan and Long Island for Younger, More Beautiful Skin

Facial fillers provide an easy and effective way to increase volume in the face. Most of these products contain a substance called hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the body.

HA fillers provide the skin with moisture (hello, hydration!) and buoyancy. As we age the amount of HA in our skin naturally decreases. Fillers can put it back in where it’s needed most: the cheeks, lips, and hollows of the eyes. The result is a younger, more beautiful appearance.

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