5 Things You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Things You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers
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Not everyone is born with the facial features they want such as high cheeks, smooth skin, and plump lips. Thanks to dermal fillers, just about anyone can enhance their appearance in just the ways they want.

Injectable treatments are easy, last a long time, and are designed to provide subtle changes to one’s appearance. What’s even better is that they are safe, as long as you seek this treatment from an experienced injector like James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C.

As you consider dermal fillers, the following are 5 things you should know before making an appointment.

1. Some fillers are made from naturally occurring substances in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is found in the skin. As people age, it’s natural for hyaluronic acid production to decrease. As this happens, the face may lose volume, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Fillers made from HA, such as Restylane and Juvéderm, are great for the skin. They provide moisture while plumping treated areas.

2. Results can last several months.

Dermal fillers are popular because they not only provide the results people desire, but those results also last a long time. People report results can last anywhere from 4 – 6 months, depending on where they receive treatment.

3. Improve Skin Health

Researchers have found that HA may stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which is great news for those who are starting to see certain aging effects due to collagen production slowing down. Over time, fillers can help people look younger for longer because of increased collagen.

4. They should provide natural results.

Ever see someone with duck lips? What about a trout pout? These lip enhancement results can happen with an inexperienced injector. Results from dermal fillers should be subtle and enhance the look of the entire face. No one should be able to look at your face and immediately identify where you had fillers done.

5. Use them for wrinkle prevention.

Fillers are good for more than just filling in existing wrinkles and creases. You can benefit from the results right away. Industry leaders report that those who start injectables early are more likely to age slower than those who never used them.

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