Get Rid of Your Double Chin Without Losing Weight

how to get rid of double chin

Many people believe they need to lose weight to lose their double chin, but that’s not entirely true. Losing weight doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose the fat under your chin. There’s no way to know or control where you’ll lose the weight. For most people, having submental fat (a double chin) is genetic. Even if someone […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Things You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Not everyone is born with the facial features they want such as high cheeks, smooth skin, and plump lips. Thanks to dermal fillers, just about anyone can enhance their appearance in just the ways they want. Injectable treatments are easy, last a long time, and are designed to provide subtle changes to one’s appearance. What’s […]

What Really Causes Men’s Wrinkles

What Causes Men's Wrinkles

As a man, it’s only natural for me to be curious about what causes wrinkles for men, and if there are differences based on gender alone. When I started out in this industry, I remember reading as much as I could on the topic of aging and asking my mentors and colleagues what seemed like […]

Tackling Weight Gain Under the Chin

Weight Gain Under the Chin

When people gain weight, genetics play a large role in where the fat accumulates. Some people end up with bigger hips, breasts, buttocks, or belly. Another area some people tend to accumulate excess fat is under the chin. The fatty area under the chin is what is referred to as a double chin. How to […]

How Kybella Can Nix a Double Chin

Kybella Double Chin

A double chin is caused by genetics, age, and excess weight. Before you turn away from this blog post thinking they are all beyond your control, I challenge you to keep reading. While these causes can be out of your control, there may be a solution to your double chin. My name is James Christian […]

How Kybella Can Banish Bra Fat

Kybella Bra Fat

Bra fat is defined as deposits of fat that hang over the bra. It can be in the front, sides, or back. These areas can be extremely hard to target with diet and exercise. Lifestyle and genetics play a major role in fat accumulation in these areas. Diet and exercise seem to work well for […]

Studies Reveal Diet and Exercise Preserves Youthfulness

Diet and Exercise Preserves Youthfulness

Everywhere you turn, you’ve probably heard experts discussing the importance of nutrition and exercise to preserve your health. But can these healthy habits preserve your youthfulness, too? Research says yes. The Power of Nutrition A study published in Dermato Endocrinology found that the vitamins, carotenoids, tocopherols, and flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables can have […]